Turbofolk reflects the current reality. It is the starting point for creating a new reality; a reality with vision, hope and a deep beauty which makes us remember where we all are coming from. Turbofolk may remind us that the way something appears and the way it is, are two different things. Search for the truth to start to create from there.

The figural sculpture collection Turbofolk is a moralistic call to reflect on today’s consumer-oriented world. The collection portrays the social problems associated with religion, gender, racism, ecology, and similar topics and opens questions such as the use of power and the freedom perception. It ironizes people’s connection to fleeting things and draws attention to a fact of separation from profound life experiences.

“Cup-ID” • 2022 • Live Size Sculpture

The way to express a given topic is always through a man and its corporeality. By using the symbols which are characteristic for each of the described issues, we obtain a person as a typus, a generic representative of a particular trend. Through the human body, its attributes, and positions, we communicate attitude and approach to the world. The bearer of the message is here sóma; péxis, the body radiated by the soul is missing.


The final formal perfection and artificiality of the sculpture are intentional. It depicts the body as a product. It needs to be perfect for its purpose, any deviation from this idea is undesirable. Physical flawlessness has become a social norm. However, can such a conception of the body speak of beauty?


Just as a sentence acquires meaning only after understanding the relationships between individual words, so the sculpture of the Turbofolk collection reveals its message only when understanding the used symbols used in their relationships. The sculptures are not an interpretation of specific stories, but a leitmotif of a given theme, in which several moral positions collide. The messages are multi-layered and require a careful perception of the links between the used elements.


All sculptures are created by the 3D printing method. The creative process is therefore a combination of work in a digital environment and classic handcraft. The model created in the virtual space of a computer 3D program is transferred to reality by using a machine, the other parts of the work such as puttying, grinding, and painting are done manually.