Title: Black Lives Matter
Medium: Sculpture
Material: eco-plastic, polyester, acrylic
Size: 130/51,2 x 60/23,6 x 55/21,7 cm/in
Year: 2020
Collection: Turbofolk

Exploring the Global Synthesis

The sculpture, titled Black Lives Matter, is a profound exploration of contemporary sociocultural dynamics. Depicting an Asian Santa Claus standing on a Euro pallet, cradling a young African girl with a Mickey Mouse hairstyle and attired in Twitter-patterned garments, the composition may appear disconcerting at first glance. However, it masterfully intertwines elements emblematic of the present-day globalized world. The symbolism is rich and multi-layered: the Euro pallet serves as a representation of international trade, the Asian Santa embodies the blending of cultural traditions and folklore, and the young African girl signifies the future. The inclusion of a pink vibrator in her hand introduces an element of adult pleasure, provocatively contrasting with the innocence of childhood. This juxtaposition serves as a commentary on the swift gratification and hyper-technologized nature of contemporary society.

Legacy of Generations

The inspiration for this work draws by Raphael’s drawing, “Young Man Carrying an Old Man on His Back,” serving as a contemporary reinterpretation that delves into the relationship between older and younger generations. The deliberate choice to portray the masturbator as a childlike toy, adorned with a bee motif, raises questions about the impact of modern technology on human relationships and the potential loss of innocence. The sculpture challenges viewers to reflect on the values transmitted to future generations, prompting an exploration of the societal messages inherent in our present-day artifacts. In this nuanced exploration, the artist confronts the audience with queries about the legacy we bequeath and the responsibilities we bear in shaping the values of generations to come.

Poignant Reflection on Contemporary Existence

Black Lives Matter stands as a poignant reflection on the complexities of contemporary existence. By skillfully combining disparate elements, the sculpture serves as a visual metaphor for the intricate tapestry of our globalized world. It forces us to confront uncomfortable truths about the interplay between culture, commerce, and individual pleasure. The artwork invites contemplation on the transmission of values across generations, urging us to critically examine the symbols and messages we perpetuate in our rapidly evolving society. In essence, this sculpture compels us to recognize the urgency of conscientious reflection and thoughtful discourse to navigate the intricate web of contemporary sociocultural dynamics.

What if being present means being present at the point when the past meets the future? If they were passing a sceptre, what would it look like? What kind of gifts does the past bring to the future? Or are they debts? If the greatest ambition of the present were only the pleasures of the body, wouldn’t the future be just the most comfortable waiting room for death? What does the term dialogue actually mean, and did you know that freedom of speech has a twin? Can you guess its name?