Child statue, work by Daniel Paul amid ruins, holding a drawing of a happy family, symbolizing safety. Winter clothing contrasts with snowless surroundings, evoking uncertainty about the future.

In the Shadow of Love, 2023

Works by Daniel Paul: a statue of woman, covered chest, hand with price tag, atop box pyramid. Symbolizing human rights.

You Can Buy Me, 2023

Venus 23, 2023


Once Upon a Teen Age, 2020

Cupid works sculptural works by Daniel Paul, front view

Cup-id, 2022


Point of View, 2020


Ho’oponopono, 2022

His Holiness by Daniel Paul, Turbofolk collection, sculpture looking for contact

His Holiness, 2020


Rotten Cat, 2020

Monumental wooden sculpture work Fade Tree by Daniel Paul: Withered tree amidst snowy slope. Artwork symbolizes human impact on nature's destruction.

Fade Tree, 2007

Straw sculpture works by Daniel Paul of a fallen airplane bomb on a vast meadow, with a forest in the background.

Missed Target, 2005

Sculpture by Daniel Paul of a skeletal fish on pond shore, crafted from branches, resembling a whale.

Fish on Shore, 2004