Once Upon a Teen Age

Once Upon a Teen Age sculpture portrait of Greta Thunberg with a bag on her head

Is everything that seems normal to us also good? What does normal mean? Isn’t a small act sometimes better than a big word? Why cannot a big word trigger at least a small action? What if violence sometimes appears in disguise? What suffocates us, takes away our voice and binds our hands? Who puts a plastic bag over our heads? And why actually?

The artwork was created with the utmost respect for Greta Thunberg, her public attitude, and the idea she represents.

  • Title: Once Upon a Teen Age
  • Medium: eco-plastic, polyester, acrylic
  • Size: 23,62 x 11,81 x 7,87 in
  • Year: 2020
  • Collection: Turbofolk