Profile photo of Daniel Paul,
Born in 1984 in Czechoslovakia
Lives and works in Prague, Czechia

Daniel Paul is renowned for his innovative approach to sculpture, Daniel employs a fusion of 3D sculpting, traditional sculpting, and painting techniques, collectively referred to as “Trans-digital process.” His artistic journey has been significantly shaped by his experience in the film industry, where he engaged in the production of monumental set designs and the realization of animatronic props. Best known for his diverse portfolio, Daniel seamlessly weaves together various creative approaches, ranging from site-specific installations using natural materials to structural animal forms and pseudo-realistic figurative works.

His recent focus lies prominently on a figurative language, often featuring the human form, with a penchant for the nude. Through his art, Daniel explores controversial narratives using figures, symbols, and readymade objects, creating a stark contrast between kitschy forms and decadent content. Thematically, his work delves into the crisis of identity through corporeality, visually referencing contemporary popular aesthetics while drawing inspiration from sacral and classical sculpture. Moreover, his pieces reflect a deep engagement with sociopolitical phenomena, pushing the boundaries of ethical expression in the visual arts.

His work has been showcased at prestigious events such as the Jerusalem Design Week at Hansen House in Israel, the Arte Laguna Prize at Arsenale Nord in Venice, Italy, and at the DOX Gallery in Prague, Czech Republic. Notably, he participated in the Florence Biennale at Fortezza da Basso in Florence, Italy. Among his remarkable projects are the monumental sculpture Fade Tree, addressing the impact of human activities on climate, the controversial installation of the bust of Jan Hus in an empty niche where Jan Hus once preached, and the thought-provoking portrait of Greta Thunberg titled Once upon a teen age. His collection Turbofolk, born during the COVID-19 crisis, serves as a turning point in his oeuvre, reflecting societal themes of the 2010s.

– Sculpture Studio of Kurt Gebauer, Academy of Arts, Architecture, and Design, Prague, CZ

– Sculpture Studio of Jiri Beranek, Academy of Arts, Architecture, and Design, Prague, CZ

Secondary Professional School of Applied Art, Prague, CZ

I am you, XIV. Florence Biennale, Fortezza da Basso, Florence, IT
Lies and falsehoods, Jerusalem Design Week, Hansen House, Jerusalem, IL
Arte Laguna Prize -16th and 17th Edition, Arsenale Nord, Venice, IT
Climate Art!, KSTN Project Space, Berlin, DE

The Body Language, Contemporary ROOM, Venice, IT

Kurtovi, UMPRUM Gallery, Prague, CZ
BBA Artist Prize by BBA Gallery, Kühlhouse, Berlin, DE

Místo umění, Makráč Gallery, Prague, CZ

Contemporary Works of Art in the Landscape, DOX Gallery, Prague, CZ

In The Nativity Scene Of All, Jaroslav Fragner Gallery, Prague, CZ

Art Safari 21, Sculpture studio Bubec, Prague, CZ

Polarity, Designblok 09 (Černá, Imreczeová, Paul), Prague, CZ
Cover, Fresh Fľesh, Turbofolk 700a, Prague, CZ

Small Worlds, public space in Tábor city, CZ
Animo Anima, Gallery Albertovec, CZ
Heads, Installations, public space at U Hajku a.s., Prague, CZ

New Planting, Botanical garden, Prague, CZ

Máchovy Litoměřice, Gallery Ve Dvoře, Litoměřice, CZ
Anikockaanipes, ZOO – Prague, CZ

Ječítošílejaktopučí, Hradec nad Moravici, CZ
Hilarious Bits, Cultural House in Neratovice, CZ
Les Mytág, Prague park – Vysočany, CZ

– memorial portrait tablet of Ing. Otakar Zachar, Točník u Hořovic, Beroun district, CZ

– figural statue of St. John of Nepomuk, Bzová, Beroun district, CZ

bust of John Hus, Bethlehem Chapel, Prague, CZ

Monument to victims of the Second World War, Prague – Dolni Pocernice, CZ

Fade tree, Botanical garden, Prague – Trója, CZ

– XIV. Florence Biennale integrated communication visual (1 of 10 finalists), Fortezza da Basso, Florence, IT

A Girl with a Bike (Jindřiška Nováková), Prague – Libeň

Architect Adolf Loos (Sculptures for Brno), Brno

Monument of victims of the Second World War, Prague – Dolní Počernice

You can buy Me, Picadilly Circus, London, UK

I am you, XIV. Florence Biennale, finalist, Fortezza da Basso, Florence, IT
Arte Laguna Prize 17th Edition, finalist, Arsenale Nord, Venice, IT

BBA Artist Prize , winner of 3rd prize, Kühlhouse, Berlin, DE