The “Waste Collection” builds on his older works with natural materials such as branches, straw, etc. Its cardinal theme is the decomposition of life forms, especially dead animals, that I have encountered during my nature walks.

Artworks reflect the topic of waste, which takes many forms. The amount of waste is a problematic and urgent issue which requires action. However, waste is natural and can have a life-giving form due to the process of decay. They point to the cycle of transformation necessary to sustain life.

This sculptural collection follows a specific production method called “transdigital sculpture”. It combines digital, machine and craft technologies that interconnect across realities. The object is constructed primarily in the virtual space of the mind, then converted into digital form, materialised by a machine and finally physically modified by a classical sculpting post-process. 

“Transdigital sculpting is the closest to me because it covers all areas of my interest within the creating process”.

The cycle opens the way to a technological experiment and enables me to learn about new aesthetic shape structures. The works from this collection are created in a limited amount and are available for purchase.