His Holiness

His Holiness

The mind always does precisely what it thinks you want. It relieves us from pain and drags us to delight. Responds to our own images, and likes to stay in what’s familiar. Awareness of life is merely a virtual reality produced by our minds, a unique aspect that depends on each of us. Each of us is the master of our personal opinion. We bear absolute responsibility for how we perceive everything and the reality we experience.

  • Created 2020
  • high 140 cm / 55 inch
  • combined technique
  • coloured by acryl and gold

Turbofolk Collection

The regime of wars, inflation, and political isolation of the late 80s in Yugoslavia gave rise to the new musical genre Turbofolk. Musicians edited traditional melodies using synthesizers and created a fusion of classical and modern forms and contents. Since then, it has neither lost its fame nor its infamy. Carrying the same title, this collection is ideologically based on a similar way of mixing forms and themes.

Thematically, the cycle focuses on critical social agreements in which the boundaries of ethics come into close contact with the limits of the law, increasingly reflected in social issues such as religion, gender, racism, ecology, power, freedom, etc.

This moralistic challenge is a crucial contribution to the reflection of today’s consumer-oriented world. The author ironizes people’s connection to fleeting events rather than to more profound experiences and points out the inevitable phase of our society’s mind that, by its action, forms a parasitic organism. 

The fundamental construction element of the content is the symbol and its method of processing. Just as a sentence is composed of words and words of letters, the message comes from understanding the meaning of individual words and their relationship.

The statue becomes a free interpretation of the fictional story through a collage of symbols used. However, the author does not use symbols in the normative and “generally “established sense. For example, the word “priest “does not necessarily express legal or religious status but can be understood as a tool representing authority.

The leitmotif of each sculpture is a direct conflict between two or more moral positions, each position depending on a certain subjective point of view of the viewer. Complete understanding, that is, fluent perception of context, multi-layeredness, and ambiguity of topics, can only distort our own point of view, namely in its own relation to the symbol and the emotional attachment to the content.

The formal part of the work is created using a computer and a classic craft approach. The concept is designed in a virtual software space, enabling a very dynamic creative work process, regardless of the need for workshop space and the necessary modeling material.

Then the model is transferred from the virtual space to reality using CNC machines and then processed by classical technological procedures, such as grinding, painting. 

The approach to the sculptural figure is directly based on the centuries-old tradition of sculpture, which connects the figure with the pedestal both in terms of technology and content.