Transdigital Sculptor Artist

Daniel Paul

Born in 1984 in Prague, Czechoslovakia, Europe, Planet Earth.
Graduated from the Academy of Arts, Architecture, and Design in Prague in 2012.

My utmost inspiration is a matter. Its shape, weight, luminosity, structure, reflection, and smell. Discovering its potential and exploring its possible approaches gradually led me to its mastery.  

My driving force is technological development. I first delved into clay and then worked with wood. Later I conquered metals. Then I became fascinated with 3D printing as a tool to bring a digital model into physical reality. So today, I create in virtual space.

After graduating, I’ve worked for the entertainment industry, focusing on classical craft and digital technologies. A life-transformative experience in 2019 led me to start my own independent project, Turbofolk sculptures, which serve to express what I perceive in a world that we all share, yet some of us are destroying. 

The realistic figural works may seem abstract, but each tells a specific story based on ethical and moral dilemmas. They call for an ambiguous interpretation that depends on the viewer’s perspective, which can be volatile—much like mine. I’d like to see my work as a record of a particularly entertaining mind process rather than a dogma. 

2014 – Ing. Otakar Zachar, Točník 1, Beroun district

2012 – St. John of Nepomuk, Bzová, Beroun district

2011 – Mister John Hus, Bethlehem Chapel, Bethlehem Square, Prague

2010 – Monument to victims of the Second World War, Dolni Pocernice Prague

2009 – „AgnusDei“ chapel, Albertovec, Ostrava, wall painting

2009 – „Head“, passageway U Hájků, Prague, wood

2007 – „Fade tree“, Botanical garden in Prague – Trója, wood

2006 – „Permanent address“, near Opava: on field, straw

2005 – „Swerve from aim“, Hradec nad Moravicí, Opava, straw

2005 – „Saint Sebastian“, Prčice, wood

2004 – „Lizard“ Hradec nad Moravicí, stone

2004 – „Fish on shore“, Dolní Počernice, Prague, wood

2004 – „Dead drop“, park in Vysočany, Prague, wood

2004 – „Crucifix“, Županovice, Vltava river, wood

2003 – „Altar in the forest“, Máslovice, made from newfound materials

2003 – „Rearing up“ (Christ), Dolní Počernice, Prague, horn-beam wood

2022 – A Girl with a Bike, Prague – Liben

2018 – Sculptures for Brno – architect Adolf Loos

2009 – Head Tree, Prague – Prosek

2009 – Memorial II. World War, Dolní Počernice, Prague

2008 – CCCP vs. the USA, U.S. Missile Defence in Tábor city

2008 – silver coin, 150th anniversary of the birth of Gustav Mahler, CNB

2007 – silver coin, 100th birthday Jarmila Novotná, CNB

2006 – silver coin, 550 years establishment of the Unity of Brethren CNB

2006 – Memorial, public execution of 27 Czech lords on the Old Town Square 1621 in Prague

2006 – gold coin, Cultural Monument Ševčinský mine Pribram – Birch Mountain, CNB

2005 – silver coin, 150 year anniversary of the SUPŠS in Kamenický Šenov, CNB

2005 – gold coin, National cultural monument Klementinum in Prague – Observatory, CNB

2005 – gold coin, National cultural monument – paper mill in Velké Losiny, CNB

2022 – The Body Language, Contemporary ROOM, Venice, Italy

2021 BBA – Art Price, Kühlhouse, Berlin, Germany

2021 Kurtovi, UMPRUM, Prague

2012 – „In The Nativity Scene Of All“, Jaroslav Fragner Gallery Prague

2011 – „Art Safari 21“, Sculpture studio Bubec, Praha – Řeporyje

2010 – „Polarity“, Designblok 09 – Černá, Imreceová, Paul

2010 – „Fresh Fľesh: COVER“, Exhibition of paintings – Turbofolk 700a

2009 – „Small Worlds“, public space, Tábor

2009 – „Animo Anima“, Gallery Albertovec

2009 – „Heads“, Installations, public space at Hajku a.s., Prague

2007 – „New Seges“, Botanical garden in Prague

2005 – „Máchovy Litoměřice“, Gallery in the courtyard, Litoměřice

2005 – „Anikockaanipes“, Zoo – Prague

2004 – „Ječítošílejaktopučí“, Hradec nad Moravicí

2004 – „Hilarious Bits“, Cultural House, Neratovice

2004 – „Les Mytág“, Park in Vysočany, Prague

2003 – „Mine Mayrau“, Kladno, sculpture studio all