Transdigital Sculptor Artist

Daniel Paul

Born in Prague, former Czechoslovakia, in 1984. Graduated from the sculpture studio of the Academy of Arts, Architecture, and Design in Prague in 2011. After graduation, he started working in the entertainment industry, during which he still devoted himself to free artistic creation.

The formal aspect of his free sculptural work has been changing throughout his life. From abstract works built on products of nature set in public spaces to works created from synthetic materials that have recently been strongly anchored in figural realism.

From the content perspective, his current work can be classified as decadent and symbolist, and from the formal point of view it fits in the categories of realism and pop art.

The way he constructs the figure and plinth refer to the tradition of classical figural sculpture, and his works sometimes resemble heroic dioramas in their form. However, current technologies dominate the methods of processing. The author creates with an eye for detail and an emphasis on the complexity of the whole.

The presence of narrative is essential to his sculptural work. In these stories and genres, Paul often and with pleasure moves between multiple possible interpretations and his means of expression tend to be controversial. It encourages us to constantly reflect on where the boundaries of acceptability lie between the freedom of artistic expression and social ethos. It is often necessary to read the sculpture from all sides to recognize the conveyed content.

“Sometimes I suffer from the feeling that people have stopped valuing life, displaced death, and even stopped appreciating the things they produce or consume. We abandon wisdom to satisfy our own pride and throw ourselves in solitude instead of mutual joy. At the expense of experiencing the present, we have recourse to the idea of surviving in the future.”

In his portfolio, there are 24 group exhibitions, 2 solo pop-ups14 public art realizations incl. site-specific projects as well as many commercial realizations.

2023 – Mdina Cathedral Contemporary Art BiennaleMdina Cathedral Museum, Malta, M

          – Climate Art! “conFRONTations”, solo pop-up at SHOWZ, Berlin, DE

          – XIV. Florence Biennale competition finalists exhibition, Fortezza da Basso, Florence, IT

          – You can buy Me, street solo pop-up at Picadilly Circus, London, UK

          – Jerusalem Design Week, Hensen House, Jerusalem, IL

          – „The Arte Laguna Prize“, Arsenale Nord, Venice, IT

          – “Climate Art!”, KSTN Project Space, Berlin, DE

2022 The Body Language, Contemporary ROOM, Venice, IT

2021 Kurtovi, UMPRUM, Prague, CZ

          – BBA Artist Prize by BBA Gallery, Kühlhouse, Berlin, DE

2018 – “Místo umění”, gallery Makráč, Prague, CZ

2017 – “Contemporary Works of Art in the Landscape”, DOX Gallery, Prague, CZ

2012 – „In The Nativity Scene Of All“, Jaroslav Fragner Gallery, Prague, CZ

2011 – „Art Safari 21“, Sculpture studio Bubec, Prague, CZ

2010 – „Polarity“, Designblok 09 (Černá, Imreczeová, Paul), Prague, CZ

          – „Fresh Fľesh: COVER“, Turbofolk 700a, Prague, CZ

2009 – „Small Worlds“, public space in Tábor, CZ

          – „Animo Anima“, Gallery Albertovec, CZ

          – „Heads“, Installations, public space at Hajku a.s., Prague, CZ

2007 – „New Planting“, Botanical garden, Prague, CZ

2005 – „Máchovy Litoměřice“, Gallery Ve Dvoře, Litoměřice, CZ

          – „Anikockaanipes“, ZOO – Prague, CZ

2004 – „Ječítošílejaktopučí“, Hradec nad Moravici, CZ

          – „Hilarious Bits“, Cultural House Neratovice, CZ

          – „Les Mytág“, Park in Prague – Vysočany, CZ

2003 – „Mine Mayrau“, Mining open-air museum, Kladno, CZ

2014 – memorial portrait tablet of Ing. Otakar Zachar, Točník u Hořovic, Beroun district

2012 – figural statue of St. John of Nepomuk, Bzová, Beroun district

2011 – bust of Master John Hus, Bethlehem Chapel, Prague

2010 – Monument to victims of the Second World War, Prague – Dolní Počernice

2009 – „AgnusDei“ chapel wall painting, Albertovec, Ostrava

2007 – „Fade tree“, Botanical garden, Prague – Trója

2006 – „Permanent address“, on field near Opava

2005 – „Swerve from aim“, Hradec nad Moravicí

2005 – „Saint Sebastian“, Prčice

2004 – „Fish on shore“, Prague – Dolní Počernice, Prague

2004 – „Harpy“, park in Prague – Vysočany

2004 – „Crucifix“ by Vltava river, Županovice

2003 – „Altar in the forest“, Máslovice

2003 – „Rearing up“ (Christ), Prague – Dolní Počernice

2023 – XIV. Florence Biennale integrated communication visual (1 of 10 finalists), Fortezza da Basso, Florence, IT

2022 – A Girl with a Bike (Jindřiška Nováková), Prague – Libeň

2018 – Architect Adolf Loos (Sculptures for Brno), Brno

2009 – Head Tree, Prague – Prosek

2009 – Monument of victims of the Second World War, Prague – Dolní Počernice

2008 – CCCP vs. the USA, U.S. Missile Defence, Tábor

2008 – a silver coin, 150th anniversary of the birth of Gustav Mahler, Czech National Bank (CNB)

2007 – a silver coin, 100th birthday Jarmila Novotná, CNB

2006 – a silver coin, 550 years establishment of the Unity of Brethren CNB

2006 – Memorial of the public execution of 27 Czech lords on the Old Town Square 1621, Prague

2006 – a gold coin, Cultural Monument Ševčinský mine in Příbram – Birch Mountain, CNB

2005 – a silver coin, 150 year anniversary of the SUPŠS in Kamenický Šenov, CNB

2005 – a gold coin, National cultural monument Klementinum in Prague – Observatory, CNB

2005 – a gold coin, National cultural monument – paper mill in Velké Losiny, CNB