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Here I mainly present a selection of my own independent sculptures from recent years. In my own life, I went through many directions and approaches, tried out where and what, and in 2019 I decided to use all the existing knowledge in the cycle „TURBOFOLK“.

Waste Collection

The sculptural collection called „waste“ builds on my older work with natural materials such as branches, straw, etc.
Common denominator is the thematic content focused on the decomposition of life forms,
especially dead animals, that I have come in contact with from time to time during my life.


Turbofolk Collection

A satirical cycle of figural sculptures called "turbofolk", is necessary for the author not only in the content itself,
but also in the way in which the sculptural form is constructed.

     The content is always aimed at people as a product of today’s globalized cyber society, who always live on the border of ethics and law. Knowledge of one’s own destiny leading to the loss of the meaning of being. Resignation to life at the expense of superficial experiences. Personal output and overproduction, are the main tools for comparison.

     Rejection of responsibility for the way of perceiving oneself and the world. Finding and creating conflicts is the meaning of human existence. All this is increasingly reflected in social issues such as religion, gender, racism, ecology, power, freedom, etc.

How to understand the content?

     The form, which may seem trivial, is based on many thousands of years of sculptural practice. The basic construction element of the content is the symbol and its method of processing. This symbol, in conjunction with another symbol, forms a specific message.

     This message can only be understood if we understand the individual symbols. Just as a sentence is composed of words and words of letters, we can understand the content of a sentence only if we understand the meaning of the individual words and their interrelationships.

     Absolute understanding, that is, fluent perception of context, multi-layeredness and ambiguity of topics, can only distort our own point of view namely in it’s own relation to the symbol and the emotional attachment to the content.

This way of reading sculptures is the key to understanding the content.

Old Times

  • Fade Tree. *2007 – †2013 Relationship the urban and rural landscapes. Death of things and waste. Tree in an urban environment and the tree from the wild nature, are not the same. The work was created for outdoor exposure educational trails in Botanical Garden for project „Nová Sadba“ (sculpture studio II. AAAD). Materials: walnut, plum, spruce, beech. Size: 7m x 3m x 2.7m.
  • Fish on The Shore. *2004 – †2008 The main creative material is a „branch“, by recycling I create objects. Woody materials and richness of their shape me help develop imagination in creation. Way of processing object is derived from nature of the shape branches, size, construction, but also the structure, and the current strength or elasticity. For individual branches seeking a appropriate to use in the building. Material: Poplar. Size: 9m x 1,5m x 1,5m.
  • The Harpy. *2004 – †2006 Object has been created from local materials in the context of the summer workshop „Les Mytág“ in 2004 Vysocany park – Prague. (artistic, music and musical realizations on the topic of mythag liveacty, live instruments, psytrance, tribal tekno, ambient mask, installation, performance, night magic magical parade. In 2004 participated in an auction exhibition in the Manes Gallery – Prague. Materials: hornbeam, beech, poplar. Size: 5m x 4.5m x 1.2m.
  • Bomb. *2006 – †2006 Material: straw


- Why do I focus on 3d sculplting and 3d printing now?

     I enjoy the combination of 3D technology, and I also see several advantages in 3D modeling. It allows me the most dynamic way of workflow. I use a pen and solve most processes in the form of drawing, at the same time it is not tied to physical creative space, just a computer or tablet. I have been involved in 3D printing since 2010 and it is an ideal way for me to materialize 3D digital data.

     At the same time, I see it as a revolution in the industry of the production of cnc additives, which allows the creation of details that cannot be achieved in any other way. For example, space inside space. Printing at work produces less waste than subabstrable production, and is also a great helper and can work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

- Which 3d printers I use for 3d printing, and why?

     Until Prusa came on the world with the Prusa I3 model MK3, I used printers of my own design, the Kartezian type. All previous models of 3D printers were more toys for enthusiastic modelers. But the Prusa MK3 is the first really cheap 3D printer on a professional level.

     I also have a lot of experience with other alternatives, such as Ultimaker 2+ / 3+, or Flashforge and many Chinese brands. Each market position has its specific weaknesses, but the weaknesses of MK3 can be solved on a lay level, a big plus is excellent user support from the manufacturer Prusa Research.

- Which 3d software I use for 3d sculpting?

     I use ZBrush because the user interface can be optimized to suit my creative needs.

Commercial Works

Car Concept
Chameleon Glows

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