Ing. Otakar Zachar

* 2014   Material: Acrystal Decor Bronze     Perimeter: 75cm    Location: Točník 1

He invented beer in powder.

Born March 16, 1870, Točník u Hořovic – died 29 November 1921, Prague. He was a Czech chemist and graduated in chemistry in the field of brewing and malting at the Czech Technical University in Prague.

St. John from Nepomuk

* 2012   Material: polyester, fiberglass, metal, polychrome     Size: 0.75m × 0.3m x 0.25m     Location: Bzova district Beroun

The work was set up for a very small village in Central Bohemia, which is very conservative and not open to innovative solutions.
This is why my sculpture solution in this case is based more on folk tradition.

Mister John Hus

Diploma work. Shape of John Hus is inspired Richentals chronicle from 1414 – 1418.

* 2011     Material: Oak     Size: 0.7m × 0.5m x 0.5m     Lokation: Niche in the hall of the Bethlehem Chapel, Bethlehem Square 255/4, Prague


Monument to Victims of The World War II

* 2010     Material: Reinforced concrete, Iron, Gravel, Soil      Perimeter: 30m     High: 1.6m      Lokation: Dolni Pocernice – Prague

List of victims:

1. Benešová Emilie
2. Dubský Bedřich
3. Dubská Irma
4. Dubský Pavel
5. Dubská Olga
6. Dubský Otakar
7. Dubský Viktor
8. Dubská Kamila
9. Houžvička Antonín
10. Hrubý Václav
11. Hylský Karel
12. Jodl František
13. Karin Alfréd
14. Karinová Gabriela
15. Kubeš Čeněk
16. Neužil Jaroslav
17. Novák Josef
18. Paclt František
19. Pfefer Tomáš
20. Polák Josef
21. Polák Rudolf
22. Poláková Kamila
23. Poláková Zdeňka
24. Říha Emanuel
25. Salzer Šimon
26. Vaněčková Hana
27. Veselý Antonín
28. Zdvíhal Josef
29. Zykán Vojtěch
30. Žákovský Bohumil
31. Žlutický Josef

Agnus Dei
The Lamb of God

The mural painting expresses two Bible stories. In the first part of the book animal sacrifice, and the second victim of man. What is between them and what these two acts in common? Painting was created in the gallery Albertovec (horse breeding farm Albertovec 297, 747 28 Štěpánkovice), for the purpose of exhibitions by students of Kurt Gebauer in 2009, under the title „animo anima“.

Fade Tree - Relationship the urban and rural landscapes

Death of things and waste. Tree in an urban environment and the tree from the wild nature, are not the same. The work was created for outdoor exposure educational trails in Botanical Garden for project „Nová Sadba“ (sculpture studio II. AAAD)

Botanical Garden in Prague, Nádvorní 134, 171 00 Prague – Troja

* 2007 – †2013     Material: Walnut, Plum, Spruce, Beech      Size: 7m x 3m x 2.7m

The Harpy

Object has been created from local materials in the context of the summer workshop „Les Mytág“ in 2004 Vysocany park – Prague. (artistic, music and musical realizations on the topic of mythag liveacty, live instruments, psytrance, tribal tekno, ambient mask, installation, performance, night magic magical parade.

In 2004 participated in an auction exhibition in the Manes Gallery – Prague

* 2004 – †2006     Material: Hornbeam, Beech, Poplar      Size: 5m x 4.5m x 1.2m

Fish on The Shore

The main creative material is a „branch“, by recycling I create objects. Woody materials and richness of their shape me help develop imagination in creation. Way of processing object is derived from nature of the shape branches, size, construction, but also the structure, and the current strength or elasticity. For individual branches seeking a appropriate to use in the building.

* 2004 – †2008     Material: Poplar      Size: 9m x 1,5m x 1,5m