„Life is a creator, genius transforms it, the artist uses it. Everyone is an artist, everything else is life.”

Daniel Paul


born in 1984 in Prague, Czechoslovakia, Europe, Planet Earth.
I graduated from the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague.

From time immemorial, I have devoted myself to material. Discovering its potential and exploring possible approaches, that gradually lead me to its subordination.
In 2009, I was really fascinated by the potential of 3D printing in terms of transferring a virtual model into reality.
After graduating, I work fully in art in the entertainment industry with a focus on classical craft and digital technologies.
From the experience of being in the dark in 2019, I begin a free sculpture that serves as a way of expressing what I perceive in a world that we all share.

Realistic figural works are a language that tells a concrete story that may appear abstract,
but it is always based on an ethical and moral dilemma and may have an ambiguous interpretation that depends on the viewer’s point of view.
Work has never been seen as a product of eternity, but as a record of a particularly entertaining process.